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Creative Kidz is small privately owned family partnership consisting of husband and wife team Kelly and Brian Keeling.

We are a leading provider of out of school childcare working in partnership with schools to deliver a high quality experience for families across Hampshire.


Brian is a fire-fighter with Hampshire Fire and Rescue based at St Marys fire station, he is also a retained fire fighter at his local Fire Station in Hamble. His shift pattern allows him to share his responsibilities between his role as a fire-fighter as well as the family business.


Kelly has been in the childcare industry for over 27 years working as a nursery nurse initially but going on to work as a childrens nanny for 2 local families, one of which she is still in contact with 18 years on.

In the year 2000 she set up business as an ofsted registered childminder in her local village of Hamble where she provided care for many local families but it wasn't long before demand outweighed space.


Creative Kidz first out of school club was developed and established in July 2004. The setting was based within Hamble Memorial hall, initially caring for 24 primary school age children attending after school sessions during term time only. Within a few months, it was fully booked with a waiting list.

We initially employed 3 team members – one play-leader and two play assistants. We registered with Ofsted, and the outcome of our initial inspection was “Good”

Within a year the demand had increased and we needed to expand therefore we approached our local primary school in Hamble who offered us the opportunity to relocate. This enabled us to increase our intake to 32 children!


Our reputation as a quality provider was growing and by January 2009 following an approach from the Head teacher we opened our second club within Netley Abbey Junior School catering for both the infant and junior schools. This club is now so succesful that we are currently looking into expansion possibilities.


Over the coming years we went on to open 4 more out of school clubs:

  • Creative Kidz Bishops Waltham operating from Bishops Waltham, opened November 2009.
  • Creative Kidz St Johns operating from St John the Baptist Primary school, opened April 2011.
  • Creative Kidz Swanmore operating from Swanmore Primary School, opened September 2011.
  • Creative Kidz Bursledon, operating from Bursledon Infant school, opened December 2014.

All of our settings are registered with Ofsted, 3 have been judged as Outstanding and 2 have been awarded a “Good” judgement.

Our Bursledon setting is awaiting an initial inspection.


Brian and Kelly now have 4 children, aged 18yrs, 15yrs, 8yrs and they also have a special guardianship for thier Great Niece who is 3 years old.


As business partners, we are very pro-active and highly motivated. We share many responsibilities such as staff recruitment, development and training, site monitoring and development, and administration.

Kelly is primarily based in the company office in Hamble where she is assisted by our company administrator, Paula Taylor.

Paula has a childcare background going back over 20 years but in addition brings HR experience from having worked for a local company who provided and organised work experience placements for schools and colleges.


All of our staff have received Enhanced DBS checks and have been subjected to a rigerous recruitment process ensuring that they are suitable to work with children. and they are re-checked and monitored regularly as part of our ongoing staff development programme.


Kelly and Brian regularly attend each site conducting site checks, and ensuring that our staff team are fully supported in order to deliver the best experience for our families. They are also on hand to provide emergency staffing cover if and when necessary, this is something they particularly enjoy as it enables us to sustain links with families we provide care for on a personal level.

What we can offer you

We have an excellent understanding of children's lives and their social contexts, basing our provision around them as individuals. Supporting and encouraging personality development, independence and creativity are top priorities for us. Developing social interaction and understanding of inclusion also plays an important role.


We aim to support you, the parent and carers, in bringing up your child.


As professionals we know that evidence shows high quality provision during the foundation years has a lasting impact on children’s future learning and life chances. Quality provision in early education and childcare is secured through a workforce which is confident in:

  • Working in partnership with parents and other childcare professionals to deliver an exciting but individual learning experience.
  • Engaging with families and delivering a personal service.
  • Delivering high quality practice and services that make a difference on a daily basis.

Increasing demands are being made on child care facilities, since all parents want the very best for their children, right from their very first learning experiences. In addition, there is now a marked trend towards intellectual education for children, but still children also need to play, move, get enough exercise and discover themselves.


Our settings achieve all objectives by offering plenty of opportunity for play, exciting and engaging resources and a staff team who will offer your child an experience they will remember.


We strive for excellence and as an Outstanding childcare provider we respond to the needs of families within our community. During 2015/16 despite a more stringent Ofsted inspection framework, we were awarded One "Good" and three "Outstanding" inspection judgements! Two of the Outstanding judgements being maintained from previous inspections.


We are particularly proud of the fact that inspectors recognised the following:


Creative Kidz Swanmore 26/02/2015 “Outstanding Judgment”

  • Staff use highly effective systems to get to know the children quickly. They consistently use children's interests and ideas to shape the planning of activities.
  • Staff provide an extremely wide range of interesting resources that children enjoy exploring both indoors and outside. Children are very keen to play and take part.
  • Staff give high priority to meeting children's emotional needs. Children develop exceptionally close bonds with the enthusiastic and friendly staff that they happily go to for help and reassurance.
  • Staff devise and implement effective systems to help support children's behaviour which brings about a harmonious atmosphere in the club. This has a very positive effect on children's learning, how they cooperate with others and their future learning.
  • Staff make particularly good use of the outdoor areas, which promotes children's physical development and good health very well.
  • Staff develop highly successful partnerships with parents and school staff, which help the club staff to meet children's individual needs very well, including those children with additional needs.
  • Highly effective and efficient leadership and management mean staff are clear of their roles and responsibilities and are supported well in achieving them.
  • Management and staff use self-evaluation very successfully to help them safeguard children well and bring about continuous improvements that benefit children.


Creative Kidz St Johns – 11/01/2016 “Good Judgement”

  • Children are very well behaved and form strong friendships. Children of all ages play cooperatively. Older children pair up with the newer and younger children, and support them as they play.
  • The manager ensures that staff are clear about their roles and responsibilities. She monitors staff practice well to make sure they enable children to enjoy their time at the club.
  • Staff establish good partnerships with the school staff. They meet regularly with school teachers to share information, which helps staff to complement the children's day at school.
  • The club has an effective key-person system. Children form secure emotional bonds with adults, who respond quickly to their needs. Children show they feel safe and secure, and settle quickly.
  • Staff encourage children to be independent and to make decisions about the activities they take part in. They enjoy being active and participate in many interactive games and activities that help them learn to share and take turns.


Creative Kidz-Hamble-25/03/2016 “Outstanding Judgement”

  • First-class links with the school ensure that there is a streamlined approach between the children's school day and leisure time. Staff are extremely creative and complement what children do at school with enjoyable activities that relate to experiences. For example, children plan and organise their own stall selling home-made snacks at the school fair.
  • Children show extreme levels of self-assurance while at the club. Relationships with one another and staff are exceptionally good. The staff place very high emphasis on developing children's personal, social and emotional skills.
  • Safeguarding children is at the heart of everything that the staff do. All staff complete rigorous training, are very knowledgeable about how to protect children and keep them safe. If there are concerns about children's welfare, staff closely follow robust procedures to ensure they protect children from harm.
  • Children enjoy a wide variety of exciting play activities and play a big part in planning the activities together with staff. For example, during 'Club council' they put forward their play ideas, each having a view about what could be better or works well.


Creative Kidz Netley Abbey-08/06/2016 “Outstanding Judgement”

  • The enthusiastic management and staff team continue to work together in a highly effective and dedicated way to provide an excellent out-of-school provision.
  • The valuable views, opinions and ideas of children, staff, parents and teachers are all sought in a variety of ways. These are used imaginatively to help create an enjoyable environment for children, before and after school.
  • Children move very confidently around the club, make independent choices and also enjoy planned activities. They are highly motivated and enthusiastic to try new activities and games in a lively environment.
  • Staff know each child exceptionally well. They promote children's emotional well-being highly effectively through recognising their personal achievements.
  • Staff have consistently high behavioural expectations. They take great care to develop children's social skills, and help children to consider the feelings of others and the impact of their actions. Children's behaviour is exemplary.
  • Children benefit from a highly organised environment where staff build on their interests and offer them excellent play opportunities.

Our Club's aim to:


Help children develop their full potential through positive Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional (SPICE) experiences by providing a Happy, Stable, Secure and Fun environment where parents/carers feel confident to leave their children.


Work in close partnership with your child's school enabling a continuity of care second to none.


Creative Kidz maintain high standards at all times and to recognise values deriving from different backgrounds, i.e. racial, cultural,religious and linguistic.


The staff provides a structured framework while at the same time endeavouring to ensure equal opportunity by meeting the needs of each individual regardless of disability or gender.


We promote a positive relationship with parents/carers and work in partnership with them to provide High Quality play and care for their children.


We undergo regular monitoring and evaluation of our services to ensure that the Club continues to meet the needs of children and parents/carers.


We encourage children to have a positive attitude and respect for both themselves and other people.


Creative Kidz offer inclusive services that are accessible to all children in the community.


Our Club is committed to meeting the needs of parents/carers by:


Listening and responding to your views and concerns and constructivly dealing with feedback.


Keeping you informed of our policies and procedures, including opening times, fees and charges, and the programme of activities.


Sharing and discussing your child’s achievements, experiences, progress and friendships, along with and difficulties that may arise.


Providing a high quality staff team who will support and care for your child as role models.


Our club is committed to providing:


Care and activities that put the needs and safety of children first.


A programme of activities that is interesting, educational, stimulating and of course FUN!


Activities that promote each child’s social, physical, moral and intellectual development.


Access to a variety of facilities and equipment under safe and supervised conditions.


A staff team, which is experienced, well trained, valued and well supported.


Services that meet the conditions of the Children’s and Families Act 2014, The Childrens act 2004, Every child Matters and all other relevant legislation, wherever they apply.


An environment where no child is bullied or intimidated or suffers discrimination of any form.

 Here are some examples of some feedback we have received from parents and children:

"Sophie has always enjoyed the clubs at school and I would like to express my thanks to you and your staff"

" So many different activities on offer and affordable"

" The club is well run with lovely staff, sensible snacks and a wide range of activities, i know my child is having fun, its great peace of mind!"


Here are some examples of some feedback we have received from parents and children:




"Sophie has always enjoyed the clubs at school and I would like to express my thanks to you and your staff"



" So many different activities on offer and affordable"



" The club is well run with lovely staff, sensible snacks and a wide range of activities, i know my child is having fun, its great peace of mind!"

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