Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our service, here is a selction of frequently asked questions(FAQs).

Transfer arrangements

At the end of each breakfast club session, a member of Creative Kidz staff will escort All children to thier classrooms where a transfer of responsibility takes place.

* At our Hamble setting children, Key stage 2 children will be signed out of CK care by thier individual teachers/TA's before heading upstairs to thier classrooms.

Are Creative Kidz settings registered with Ofsted?

All Creative Kidz settings are registered with Ofsted, you can find our inspection reports on the locations page for the setting your child attends. We are very proud of our judgements and work very hard to maintain this high standard.

Do you accept ad hoc/occasional bookings?

Yes we can take bookings on the day if possible although this does depend on availability of chosen sessions. We would prefer to have as much notice as possible and do prefer at least 48 hrs notice.

Activities provided

Activities provided are planned in advance and a programme is displayed within the setting. Once you are registered and using our service you will be able to access the full programme.


If the children are lacking direction, our staff are there to help them along, as play workers we facilitate their play and the little ones particularly need this in the early stages. 

Activities provided are planned in advance and are displayed within the club, once registered and using the service you will be able to access the full programme.


A variety of equipment and play opportunities are available to the children, but as play workers we are here to support and facilitate children’s play and not decide for them. After-school is a time for fun and chilling out, therefore as well as the indoor and outdoor toys and resources, we have a TV, DVD's, PlayStation or Wii, and much much more! Our programme of activities is put together following consultation with the children during club council meetings.


We hold a club council with the children on a regular basis this is a platform for the children to ask for new resources, throw in ideas etc, within reason they need to take responsibility for their play setting and the staff ask if there’s anything they want to change or introduce or remove etc . I would encourage all children to chip in their ideas if they want to change anything as this feedback is taken into account when we have a staff meeting and discuss future planning.


We offer the children a fair balance of risk and safety in play and children enjoy the activities on offer. If present, the additional needs of parent's and children are being met .Children are offered the opportunity to learn about different faiths and cultures and we are an inclusive childcare setting.

See here for examples of the equipment/toys we provide.

Food provision

Although we provide the option of food this is not included in the cost of our service therefore we cannot refund or reduce fees if this is not an option your child wishes to take. Although available and offered daily, snacks are not compulsory, they are optional.

Each setting has staff members trained in Food Hygiene.

The children are encouraged to use good manners, and to enjoy snack time as a social meeting place.


Breakfast - We offer a healthy breakfast hincluding a variety of cereals, toast, crumpets, fresh fruit , milk and water.


After school club- Children are offered a healthy snack during after school club each day, this may vary each day but could comprise of a variety of fruit and veg, Tortilla wraps, crumpets, toast, sandwiches, brioche, wholemeal rolls, crackers or pitta break and various fillings.

This is not intended to replace a meal it is simply to see your child through until tea-time therefore please do not expect your child to be “full up” when they are collected.


Holiday club- Snacks will be provided in the morning and afternoon, please provide your child with a lunch box each day


We have children enrolled at Creative Kidz who have severe allergic reactions when coming into contact with many things such as peanuts, peanut products, dairy, milk, egg and shell-fish. The implication of such a reaction (Anaphylaxis), for these children, is serious and could be fatal. A reaction can occur if the food is ingested or comes in contact with the skin. At the setting’s we take all reasonable precaution and request that you assist us in making sure that this doesn’t happen, we, therefore, are unable to permit food containing the following products to be brought into our settings: nuts of any kind including peanuts and peanut products,  egg and shell-fish.


Please let us know if your child has any specific dietary requirements.

Sun protection

Sun protection- Please remember to put sunscreen on your child before they arrive, provide them with a named hat and make sure they have their water bottle with them. We will keep your child in the shade as much as possible and ensure they have access to water throughout their time with us.

What should my child wear?

Clothing should be practical for your child to be able to see to his / her personal needs, although most children are wearing school uniform. We encourage children to explore the setting environment at their own pace, which often includes messy play. Please dress your child in clothes that are suitable and practical for play both inside the nursery and outdoors. We supply aprons and these are offered to children although please bear in mind that the occasion spillage may occur therefore you may wish to supply a change of clothes.

During Summer months, please ensure children’s clothes are practical for covering vulnerable areas of skin from sunburn, such as shoulders and back of neck.

During Winter months, please dress your child in warm clothes and supply a coat every day.

How will you communicate with parents?

Communication will be given to parents either by newsletters which are emailed to the primary email address supplied, displayed on our notice board, or via our website. We will also issue emails now and again giving information to parents and guardians.


Once registered with us you will also be issued with a log in for our management system called " babysdays". This is a portal we use to communicate information such as progress, accidents/incidents etc. 


Special events and outings are always made known to parents with as much notice as possible.


If you would prefer communication on paper format please speak to the supervisor of your child’s setting.


Please be aware that we are a completely separate organisation from the schools we operate from therefore the they are not obliged to pass on information about absences for example.


Our office number can be used for general information, booking or invoicing information between the hours of 8am and 6pm. The setting mobile phones are only manned during the club’s hours of operation-See opening times/fees.

Social media

We have both a facebook page and twitter account which you can access via the links above. We have also recently introduced a Pinterest account where we can share ideas.


We respectfully ask that parents and staff do not discuss any Creative Kidz related issues on Facebook, twitter or other social network sites. Please be aware that these sites are often public, and information could innocently be placed in the wrong hands.


We thank you for your co-operation with this

How can i view the company policies and procedures?

We strongly recommend that you take time to read our policies and procedures, they are available to be seen at any time and are contained in a folder within each setting. Once you register with Creative Kidz you will be provided with a log in for our Babysdays system, this will give you access to our policies and procedures.

Do i need to let you know if my child is going to be absent?

We ask that if your child cannot attend the setting for any reason will you please notify both Creative Kidz and Your child’s school us in order to prevent us chasing up their whereabouts and implementing the missing child procedure unnecessarily. We shall expect your child unless informed otherwise.

Please do not assume that if school personnel know of the absence of a child, the club staff will know as well, as Creative Kidz is a is a totally separate organisation. Please call the club that your child attends numbers above. If you need to leave a message please request a call/text you back to ensure they have your message, please do not assume that the message has been received until you have been informed that it has. 


Do not contact the Creative Kidz office to report absence as we may not be able to pass on the message to your child’s setting in time.

What do i do if my child has an illness or requires medication?

If your child becomes unwell while in our care, we will contact you, explain the situation, and ask you to collect your child as soon as possible.

Medication will never be given without the prior written request of the parent/carer; we require written information so a signed and dated medication consent form must be in possession of CK before administering medication. In the case of using an Epipen, a written and signed instruction from the child’s GP will need to be obtained before we can administer the medication for insurance purposes.

All medication must be handed to a staff member and kept within our setting. Under no circumstances must any medication be left in your Child’s bag. We don’t have access to medication left at school therefore please supply us with whatever you have specified your child may need.

Medication consent forms can be downloaded below and e-mailed to you must not assume that we have received this unless you have received confirmation either verbally or by e-mail.

Click here to for guidance on infectious illness exclusion periods and guidance.

If your child has special requirements including medical, allergy or otherwise, you must complete a health care plan giving staff an insight into your child's condition and what to do in an emergency situation.You can download these forms by clicking the links below.

This health care plan should be used if your child suffers from anaphylaxis
Allergy and Anaphylaxis (severe allergy)[...]
Microsoft Word document [49.6 KB]
This health care plan should be used for all children suffering from allergies or medical conditions with the exception of those which may result in anaphylaxis. See below
Microsoft Word document [154.7 KB]
We will only need this form if your child requires possible administration of an epipen or similar auto-injector device.
Microsoft Word document [176.5 KB]
If your child requires medication to be administered by a member of staff, we must have this completed form in our possession before the medication can be given. This includes Asthma inhalers.
Microsoft Word document [150.5 KB]

Intimate care queries

We encourage older children to become independent with personal care. Toilet facilities are easily accessed by children; if you have any concerns regarding intimate care please speak to your child’s Key-person.

What if i am late to collect my child?

If you are going to be then you need to contact the staff at the setting your child attends to let them know

Bursledon C of E Infant School -07456844484

Hamble Primary School - 07709066299

Netley Abbey Junior School - 07584252919

St Johns the Baptist C of E Primary School - 07980697700

Swanmore C of E Primary School - 07826214608


We do understand that sometimes this is unavoidable but please make sure that you have a contingency plan in place. Some of our team use public transport to travel to and from work and as this is limited in some areas, late collection can mean that they are not getting home to their families until late into the evening.


In addition to this, the relationship we have with site managers at each of our settings is vital to operation and if we are late out of the building, they have to stay on later in order to lock up, they are not paid for this and are not happy to do so, therefore please take all this into consideration.

Late collection charges will be chargeable as per published Opening times/fees.

Do i need to re-register every year?

There is no need to re-register your child each year, your booking will carry over until you no longer require our service and give 1 month written notice either by email or written note/cancellation form. Notice will commence on the date notice is received. Please enter a date on written notices. Your are responsible for updating your details with us, so if you change address telephone number etc please let us know asap!

Invoicing and payments

Opening times, price list and additonal information
Opening times Price list and additional [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [594.8 KB]

How do I log into babysdays?

Once your are registered with Creative Kidz, we input all of your childs information on to the system and we will then issue you with a log in.


For more information about our babysdays system please click here

120 Saltmakers house,

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SO31 4NB


Bookings and General Enquiries Tel: +44 23 80455699 / 07871312116


Sam and I would just like to thank you and everyone at Creative Kidz, it has been a fantastic service to us over the past seven years. I don't know what we would have done without it.

Thank you so much for fitting M*** in, he absolutely loves breakfast club and the girls that run it at St Johns are amazing with him.

Thanks to you and your team for looking after M****  over the past 5 years or so. Indeed the team you have in place at Hamble currently are superb.

I just wanted to give you a personal note of thanks to yourself, your husband and the rest of the team at Creative Kidz! Thank you for your support over the past 5 and a half years! You have seen the kids grow, helped out in difficult times and now it's time to see them off. With all our appreciation and wishing you the best for the future. The Roos family

Kelly that’s a brilliant report – well done to you & the Netley ladies; it’s a testament to the hard work & dedication you all put in.  Thanks for a fab Breakfast and After School Club setting

Thank you for your service over the past 6 years, most particularly when there have been some challenges to overcome.