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General information

Arrival and departure

Upon arrival your child will be welcomed by a member of our team who will show them around and go over our code of conduct.


Your child will then be offered a colour coded wristband.


Each colour band is linked to a team member who takes responsibility for the group.


This " key-person" will ensure that your child is safe, happy and engaging in the activities provided.


Each child will also be asked to complete an " All about me" form which will give your child's key person information enabling them to meet thier individual needs.


Please ensure that you sign your child in and out.

It is a condition of ofsted registration that we record your childs time of attendance.

Key Infomation

  • Online registration must be completed before your child can attend.
  • Your child must be aged between 4 and 11 years to attend.
  • The club mobile is only for emergency contact and operated in club time. Please contact the office for bookings or general queries.
  • Please provide your child with suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor activities, including-sun hats & sun cream during warmer days. Warm clothing & a waterproof coat when the weather is colder/rain is predicted.
  • Please keep us updated if you change your contact information.
  • Please keep us updated if your child experiences any medical issues/changes.
  • We recommend you read our Frequently asked questions

Food and drink

Please provide your child with a healthy packed lunch each day (no nuts, eggs, sweets or fizzy drinks please).


We will provide daily refreshments incuding:

  • a choice of toast, sandwiches, bagels, wraps, crumpets and much more together with spreads and fillings
  • a fruit and vegetable platter.
  • milk or water

 the choices will vary each week.


Please note these snacks are intended to tide your child over until they get home and not intended to replace an evening meal.


Please let us know if your child has any specific dietary requirements.

Creative Kidz is a nut free zone!


Fresh drinking water will be available at all times.


Each setting has staff members trained in Food Hygiene.

Did you know?

Our holiday club is open to any child aged 4-11yrs, you don’t have to be a pupil of the venue.


We even take children attanding pre-school or nursery.


We are open from 8am to 6pm

Our prices start from the equivalent of £2 per hour and we accept childcare vouchers and tax free childcare!


We aim to be as flexible as possible and therefore we offer a variety of session times and of course you are still free to drop off and collect your children at any time during your booked session.


If you cannot pay upon booking and wish to make payment each time your child attends please let us know and we can set up a payment plan.


If you have any queries whatsoever please give us a call and we will always do our best to help.


Activities offered

We offer a combination of indoor and outdoor activities, some are child led others are adult let, all are child initiated.

We offer plenty of opportunity for outdoor play and access to local parks and woodlands. We also have outings whenever possible and at least 1 each holiday period.


We utilise "In the moment planning" which is a concept that involves allowing child initiated, real time, learning through play, based on capturing the interest of a child at the current time.


Children have a natural desire to learn, explore and question. Settings and Practitioners offer core provisions and an environment that enables this activity to capture the moment of engagement for each individual child.


Careful observation by practitioners is key to utilising the in the moment planning approach – opportunities to seize the moment when a child shows a level of interest and curiosity that can be drawn out and then enhanced and built upon need to be recognised - these are called ‘teachable moments’.


We do put together an activity plan however this is not a regime it is a choice.

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