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Terms and Conditions

Online registration must be completed before your child can attend. When booking sessions with Creative Kidz you must first agree with our terms and conditions which are displayed at the time of booking.

How do i know if you have a space?

If you are booking on an ad hoc basis you will see live availability on the booking site.


If you submit a contract booking request we will check long term availability and approve/decline your booking accordingly. If we have to decline all or part of your contract we will contact you to discuss.


All Creative Kidz settings are registered with Ofsted, you can find our inspection reports here. We are very proud of our judgements and work very hard to maintain our high standards.

Clothing and equipment

Please provide your child with suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor activities, including-sun hats & sun cream during warmer days.

Warm clothing & a waterproof coat when the weather is colder/rain is predicted.

No open toed shoes.

Special requirements

If your child has any special requirements including allergies or medical needs, hopefully you have recorded them upon registration. If there is something you forgot to mention please inform the staff. 

If your child requires medication such as inhalers or auto- injector (epipen) please ensure you complete a medication consent form and ensure that your child's medication is always at the club on the days your child attends

Settling in

If you have children starting school for the 1st time, we do suggest you pop in at the beginning of term for a few sessions to familiarise your child with the setting, the routine and the staff etc.


Of course we are happy for you to stay with your child why they settle in, although please ensure that this is on a day when your child is already booked in.


When you feel your child is ready, If you then wish to pop out and leave them with us a for a few minutes, an hour or an entire session we are happy to accomodate this. Please also feel free to call and check how your little one is settling in.

All children are different, the time taken to settle in will vary for each individual child. 

We are flexible and are happy to work with you to ensure that your child is happy to stay.


Of course we do understand that some children may have siblings and they of course are also welcome, however we cannot take responsibility for these children at any time. If you have a child in a pushcahir, please ensure that you leave the pushchair outside the building as space is limited. 


During your child's first few weeks we offer an induction to each child. They are shown around, introduced to staff and thier Key-person (If in Reception Yr) they will also be informed about club routines and our code of conduct.


Each child will also be given the opportunity to complete an ‘All About Me’ form’ which will allow us to get to know your child, what they like, dislike etc....


The induction period is not limited. As mentioned above, some children take longer than others to settle however if you have any specific concerns please take the time to talk to a member of staff who will be happy to help.

Safety & Well-being

The safety and wellbeing of each child is paramount!.

  We ensure that all venues are throughly risk asessed and monitored to ensure that they comply with heath and safety requirements.

Staff are trained to recognise hazards and how to eliminate or control them.


You will easiliy recognise our team by thier company uniform displaying our company logo and thier company Id Badge.


Safeguarding children is at the heart of everything we do, to this end each site has a designated

child protection lead who is responsible for childrens safety and wellbeing.


Communication will be given to parents either by newsletters which are emailed to the primary email address supplied, displayed on our notice board, or via our website. We will also issue emails now and again giving information to parents and guardians.


Please keep us updated by email if you change your contact information.

Please keep us updated by email if your child experiences any medical issues/changes.


Special events and outings are always made known to parents with as much notice as possible.


If you would prefer communication on paper format please speak to the supervisor of your child’s setting.


Please be aware that we are a completely separate organisation from the schools we operate from therefore the they are not obliged to pass on information about absences for example.


Our office number can be used for general information, booking or invoicing information between the hours of 8am and 6pm. The setting mobile phones are only manned during the club’s hours of operation-See opening times/fees.


Social Media

We have both a facebook page and twitter account which you can access via the links above. We have also recently introduced a Pinterest account where we can share ideas.


We respectfully ask that parents and staff do not discuss any Creative Kidz related issues on Facebook, twitter or other social network sites. Please be aware that these sites are often public, and information could innocently be placed in the wrong hands.


We thank you for your co-operation with this

New academic year intake

If you have requested sessions to commence when your child starts school (September) you will be liable to pay for fees from the beginning of term in order to hold the places.


At Creative Kidz we follow the Early Years Foundation stage framework. If your child is in reception year or below, your child's key person will be responsible for monitoring your child's learning and development and completion of a scrapbook  containing pictures and information covering thier time with us.

Parents are able to view thier child's book as and when they wish.

Sun protection

Please remember to put sunscreen on your child before they arrive, provide them with a named hat and make sure they have their water bottle with them. We will keep your child in the shade as much as possible and ensure they have access to water throughout their time with us.

Adverse weather plan

Any decision whether or not to open Creative Kidz breakfast and after school clubs lies with the company and individual schools we operate from taking into consideration their specific snow closure policies.

Factors taken into account may include, site conditions, weather conditions and road conditions reported by Hampshire County Council and information published on the Met office website.

Primarily, the outcome of a risk assessment, taking into account the conditions of the sites and how this could affect the health and safety of children, staff, parents and visitors will determine whether or not the schools allow our clubs to operate.


The decision will be posted on the individual school websites and the Hampshire School Closures webpage.

We shall post updates on this website and issue information via our social media pages - facebook and twitter.

As a general rule, if your child's school is closed, we shall also be closed.

Policies & Procedures

We strongly recommend that you take time to read our policies and procedures, they are available to be seen at any time and are contained in a folder within each setting.

Absence reporting

We ask that if your child cannot attend the setting for any reason will you please notify both Creative Kidz and Your child’s school us in order to prevent us chasing up their whereabouts and implementing the missing child procedure unnecessarily. We shall expect your child unless informed otherwise.

Please do not assume that if school personnel know of the absence of a child, the club staff will know as well, as Creative Kidz is a is a totally separate organisation.


Please call the club that your child attends numbers above. If you need to leave a message please request a call/text you back to ensure they have your message, please do not assume that the message has been received until you have been informed that it has. 


Contact numbers and email addresses for each location can be found here .


Do not contact the Creative Kidz office to report absence as we may not be able to pass on the message to your child’s setting in time.

What If my child is ill or requires medication?

If your child becomes unwell while in our care, we will contact you, explain the situation, and ask you to collect your child as soon as possible.


Medication will never be given without the prior written request of the parent/carer; we require written information so a signed and dated medication consent form must be in possession of CK before administering medication. In the case of using an Epipen, a written and signed instruction from the child’s GP will need to be obtained before we can administer the medication for insurance purposes.


All medication must be handed to a staff member and kept within our setting. Under no circumstances must any medication be left in your Child’s bag. We don’t have access to medication left at school therefore please supply us with whatever you have specified your child may need.


Medication consent forms can be downloaded below and e-mailed

to do not assume that we have received this unless you have received confirmation either verbally or by e-mail.


Click here to for guidance on infectious illness exclusion periods and guidance.


If your child has special requirements including medical, allergy or otherwise, you may also be asked to complete a health care plan giving staff an insight into your child's condition and what to do in an emergency situation.


Personal care 

We encourage older children to become independent with personal care. Toilet facilities are easily accessed by children; if you have any concerns regarding intimate care please speak to your child’s Key-person.

Late collection

If you are going to be then you need to contact the staff at the setting your child attends to let them know.


We do understand that sometimes this is unavoidable but please make sure that you have a contingency plan in place. Some of our team use public transport to travel to and from work and as this is limited in some areas, late collection can mean that they are not getting home to their families until late into the evening.


In addition to this, the relationship we have with site managers at each of our settings is vital to operation and if we are late out of the building, they have to stay on later in order to lock up, they are not paid for this and are not happy to do so, therefore please take all this into consideration.


Late collection charges will be charged as per published fee schedule.

Change in collection arrangements

Only pre approved carers named on your registration records can collect your child. You can add additional carers by logging into your account and adding a contact. People unknown to staff will be asked to prove thier identity so please ensure that they bring a form of ID, they will also be asked to provide the password you recorded upon registration.

Early Years Foundation Stage

There is no longer a requirement for out of school clubs to meet the learning and development requirements.


“Providers offering care exclusively before and after school or during the school holidays for children who normally attend Reception (or older) class during the school day (see paragraph 3.40) do not need to meet the learning and development requirements. However, providers offering care exclusively before and after school or during the school holidays for children younger than those in the Reception class age range, should continue to be guided by, but do not have to meet, the learning and development requirements. All such providers should discuss with parents and/or carers (and other practitioners/providers as appropriate, including school staff/teachers) the support they intend to offer”-EYFS 2017


Back in July 2017, we decided to discontinue EYFS observations and introduce a Scrapbook style “profile diary” for children in reception year.

This has proven very successful with many parents reporting that these are much easier to understand and say it’s nice to see photographs and actual physical evidence of learning rather than development charts etc.


If your child is in the Early Years Foundation Stage please ask your child's key person if you wish to view your child’s Profile diary.

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