Frequently asked questions

E-mail/online submission of a booking confirms your acceptance of Creative Kidz terms and conditions and compliance with our Policies and procedures.

We strongly recommend that you take time to read our policies and procedures, they are available to be seen at any time and are contained in a folder within each setting.


  • Parents/Guardians must notify the club and the school that your child attends if your child will not be attending a club session. This is important for your child’s safety. If your child is not going to attend a session, please let a member of the staff know before the session starts.
  • Please do not assume that if school personnel know of the absence of a child, the club staff will know as well, as Creative Kidz is a is a totally separate organisation. Please call, text or email the club that your child attends.
  • If you need to leave a message, please request a call/text you back to ensure they have your message. Do not contact the Creative Kidz office to report absence as we may not be able to pass on the message to your child’s setting in time.
  • Parents/Guardians must notify the setting their child attends, as soon as possible if their child will not be attending i.e. going to friends for tea or staying behind for after school activities; as if the child does not arrive when expected we will then implement the missing child procedure.
  • If your child is attending a club or has a sporting event after school and will be late to the Creative Kidz, please notify our members of staff, as we have to use valuable time finding out the reason for the absence.
  • If your child is absent from CK (including illness or holiday) on their standard booked day or additionally booked sessions, no refunds will be made or accounts credited.

Do not contact the Creative Kidz office to report absence as we may not be able to pass on the message to your child’s setting in time.


  • The safety and wellbeing of each child is paramount!.
  • We ensure that all venues are throughly risk asessed and monitored to ensure that they comply with heath and safety requirements.
  • Staff are trained to recognise hazards and how to eliminate or control them.
  • You will easiliy recognise our team by thier company uniform displaying our company logo and thier company Id Badge.
  • Safeguarding children is at the heart of everything we do, to this end we have appointed a Designated Safeguarding Lead ( DSL) who is responsible for childrens safety and wellbeing.
  • If you ever have a concern regarding the safety or wellbeing of our children, please contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead  Kelly Keeling-02380455699
  • Only pre approved carers named on your registration records can collect your child. To add additional carers please contact us. People unknown to staff will be asked to prove thier identity so please ensure that they bring a form of ID, they will also be asked to provide the password you recorded upon registration.

Changes of collection arrangements

  • Please make sure you provide us with the details of at least 2 emergency contacts. These people must be people that you authorise to collect your child.
  • These people need to be living locally or able to collect your child in an emergency.
  • We will only allow your child to be collected by someone other than those named on the child’s records if we have received prior consent by e-mail, by text message from the parent’s pre-registered contact number or verbally via the child’s parent/guardian. The person notifying the changes must provide us with the pre-registered password. Any changes notified will be recorded in the club diary.
  • If you wish to provide us with additional contacts/people who are authorised to collect your child, please supply us with an email detailing the full name and contact details of the person collecting so that we can add them to our list of authorised persons.
  • The person collecting must provide us with the pre-agreed password and a form of photographic ID for verification purposes.
  • Only club staff can answer the door or let anyone into the setting.
  • Staff will only allow access to individuals that they recognise and know are authorised to collect a child. 
  • A staff member who does not recognise an adult collecting a child will ask for the adult’s name and their relationship to the child. They will then politely ask the person to wait in reception or outside the setting.
  • Staff may call a child’s parents/carers to clarify any confusion or allay any concerns if necessary.  On occasions when parents/carers are aware that they will not be at home or in their usual place of work, they must inform a member of staff who will record how they can be contacted in the club diary.
  • Cover staff must authorise all collections by checking that the adult is on the authorised emergency contact record or that we have received authorisation from the child's parents in accordance with clause 7d and 7e.

Clothing and equipment

  • Please provide your child with suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor activities, including-sun hats & sun cream during warmer days. Warm clothing and a waterproof coat when the weather is colder/rain is predicted.
  • No open toed shoes.
  • Please remember to put sunscreen on your child before they arrive and make sure they have their water bottle with them.
  • We will keep your child in the shade as much as possible and ensure they have access to water throughout their time with us.

Communication and data protection

  • Communication will be given to parents either by newsletters which are emailed to the primary email address supplied, displayed on our notice board, and our website. We will also issue emails now and again giving information to parents and guardians.
  • Please keep us updated by email if you change your contact information.
  • Please keep us updated by email if your child experiences any medical issues/changes.
  • Special events and outings are always made known to parents with as much notice as possible.
  • If you would prefer communication on paper format please speak to the supervisor of your child’s setting.
  • Please be aware that we are a completely separate organisation from the schools we operate from therefore the they are not obliged to pass on information about absences for example.
  • Our office number can be used for general information, booking or invoicing information between the hours of 8am and 6pm. The setting mobile phones are only manned during the club’s hours of operation.
  • We have both a facebook page, Instagram and twitter accounts. We have also recently introduced a Pinterest account where we can share activity ideas. We respectfully ask that parents and staff do not discuss any Creative Kidz related issues on Facebook, twitter or other social network sites. Please be aware that these sites are often public, and information could innocently be placed in the wrong hands. We thank you for your co-operation with this.
  • All personal data that you provide will be held and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 . For more information please refere to our GDPR information.

Covid-19 ( Coronavirus)

It is important that everyone complies with the latest Government guidance on Coronavirus.

We have developed our Safe Operating Procedures based on guidance from the Department of Education and Public Health England specifically for Early Years.


It is important that we adapt our everyday practices to ensure that we continue to offer the staff and children a safe environment. Hygiene and social distancing remain the two key elements of infection prevention and control.


If any symptoms are displayed, families must be alert and self-isolate for the safety of everyone.


Covid-19 appears to affect young children less often and with less severity. Children’s role in its transmission is unclear but it seems that it is not significant.


Compassionate leadership is at the heart of our planned reopening and we will do everything we can to be honest, open and to communicate with you. There will be a lot of anxieties and we acknowledge that it is OK to feel worried and that COVID-19 and the lockdown has had an impact on everyone.


Everyone involved in the day to day running of the clubs will receive appropriate instruction and training on how to operate under the terms of the Safe Operating Procedures. We would be grateful if you could discuss what is covered here with your children before they return to the Club in order to prepare them for some of the changes we have made and reassure them that the Club is a safe place for them to be.


There is always a risk when children come into a childcare setting but we are doing everything possible to minimise this risk. We are constantly updating our procedures to take account of any changes in government or local authority guidelines.


We are working in partnership with all stakeholders and trust that everyone understands and follows these Safe Operating Procedures.


If you have any questions about anything we’ve covered here (or anything else) please don’t hesitate to get in touch- 


The key principles of these procedures are:

  1. Any pupil, staff member, parent or visitor with coronavirus symptoms must not attend club and must isolate at home
  2. Increased cleaning processes are in place, throughout and at the end of the day
  3. Children and team members will be social distancing as far as possible
  4. Children will each day stay in key groups (a bubble)
  5. Bubbles will be in place inside and outside
  6. Arrival and departure will be staggered and children will be dropped off at separate entrances, where this is possible.
  7. Parents will not come on site or visit the club rooms unless this is explicitly arranged with the Club Manager e.g. in the event of a child being distressed
  8. The process for settling in sessions will be managed away from the other children

Parent/Guardian agreement

In booking sessions with Creative Kidz Childcare Limited.

  • I acknowledge the contagious nature of Coronavirus and that the latest government guidance recommends practising social distancing and a range of other protective measures.
  • I recognise that Creative Kidz Childcare Ltd has put in place a series of protective measures to reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission within the setting, but I accept that Creative Kidz Childcare Ltd cannot guarantee that my child will not be exposed to Coronavirus whilst attending the club.
  • I understand that I must follow the procedures set out by Creative Kidz Childcare Ltd when dropping off and collecting my child from the setting.
  • I understand the importance of vigilance regarding Coronavirus symptoms as a keystone of preventing the transmission of the virus to other children, staff and parents.

Accordingly, I confirm that:

  • My child is not experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.
  • My child has not tested positive for Coronavirus, or been advised by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate.
  • My child has not been in contact with anyone in our household who has Coronavirus symptoms, or who has been advised by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate.
  • My child has not travelled abroad to any country other than those identified as ‘safe’ by the government within the last 14 days.
  • My child is capable of following the club rules relating to protective measures, such as not mixing with children in other bubbles, washing their hands regularly, coughing and sneezing into a tissue and disposing of it safely, and not touching other children. I understand that if they are unwilling to follow the rules they may not be allowed to attend future sessions.
  • If any of the above circumstances change, I will not bring my child in to the club and will notify the club staff immediately.


Non-compliance with any of these measures could result in cancelation of your booking. Acceptance of your booking confirms agreement with these terms.


We have uploaded our Risk assessments and Safe Operating Procedures to our News and Updates page.


It is vital that parents and guardians read the safe operating procedures before thier child's 1st time at Creative Kidz as this document contains crucial information you will need to know before your child attends our sessions.


We have also put together some useful links

Late collection

  • If you are going to be then you need to contact the staff at the setting your child attends to let them know.
  • We do understand that sometimes this is unavoidable but please make sure that you have a contingency plan in place. Some of our team use public transport to travel to and from work and as this is limited in some areas, late collection can mean that they are not getting home to their families until late into the evening. In addition to this, the relationship we have with site managers at each of our settings is vital to operation and if we are late out of the building, they have to stay on later in order to lock up, they are not paid for this and are not happy to do so, therefore please take all this into consideration.
  • Late collection charges will be charged as per published price list which you can view via the club information pages, just select the club your child attends from the choices below and then select the venue your child attends:
  1. Breakfast club
  2. After School club
  3. Holiday playscheme

Ofsted registration

All Creative Kidz settings are registered with Ofsted, you can find our inspection reports here. We are very proud of our judgements and work very hard to maintain our high standards.


If you are accessing help to pay for childcare please contact us to obtain our unique provider reference number which you will need to make a claim.

Adverse weather plan


Any decision whether or not to open Creative Kidz breakfast and after school clubs lies with the company and individual schools we operate from taking into consideration their specific snow closure policies.
Factors taken into account may include, site conditions, weather conditions and road conditions reported by Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire County Council and information published on the Met office website.
Primarily, the outcome of a risk assessment, taking into account the conditions of the sites and how this could affect the health and safety of children, staff, parents and visitors will determine whether or not the schools allow our clubs to operate.
The decision will be posted on the individual school websites and the Government School Closures webpage.
We shall post updates on this website and issue information via our social media pages - facebook and twitter.
As a general rule, if your child's school is closed, we shall also be closed.

Booking and Payment Information

Click here to view the following information:

  1. Booking guide,

  2. How to make a contract booking

  3. How to make an ad hoc booking

  4. Cancelation procedure

  5. Payment for Childcare- including how tomake a payment, Tax free childcare Childcare Voucher information. Plus the reference numbers you will need to make a claim for childcare costs.

Contact Us

You will find our contact details here. Please note that the club mobile phones are only manned during our hours of operation however head office is open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday to assist with your enquiries.

Illness, medication and intimate care.

  • If your child has special requirements including medical, conditions, allergies  you should complete a health care plan giving staff an insight into your child's condition and what to do in an emergency situation.
  • If your child has a medical condition or allergy which may result in anaphylaxis please complete an Anaphylaxis Care Plan, alternatively please supply a copy of your child’s hospital issued care plan.
  • If your child required administration of prescribed medication, please complete a medication consent form and hand the medication to the club manager on your child's 1st day together with your child's medication.
  • We encourage older children to become independent with personal care. Toilet facilities are easily accessed by children; if you have any concerns regarding intimate care please notify us in advance and discuss your child's individual circumstances with their Key-person.
  • If your child has any special requirements including allergies or medical needs, hopefully you have recorded them upon registration. If there is something you forgot to mention please inform the staff and we are happy to add the information to your child's account.

  • If your child requires medication such as inhalers or auto- injector (epipen) please ensure you complete a medication consent form and ensure that your child's medication is always at the club on the days your child attends

  • Any medication your child needs to take whilst they are within CK care must be clearly marked with the child’s name and dosage instructions.
  • A child who, in the opinion of the CK management, is obviously ill when they arrive at the club will not be accepted. This includes children who have been given medication (such as paracetamol) that may have masked symptoms.  If your child becomes unwell while in our care, we will to contact you, explain the situation, and ask you to collect your child as soon as possible. In certain circumstances, you may be asked to contact your own GP’s practice for further assistance. In addition to children who are unwell, children with any ailments considered infectious or contagious will be excluded from the club for the allocated period of time. Click here for guidance on infectious illness exclusion periods.
  • Medication will never be given without the prior written request of the Parent/Guardian; we require written information so a signed and dated medication consent form must be in possession of CK before administering medication. The information requested includes frequency, dosage, any potential side effects and any other pertinent information.
  • All medication must be handed to a staff member. Under no circumstances must any medication be left in your Child’s bag. 
  • It is a requirement that all children must have followed the NHS Vaccination schedule. Parents will be asked to confirm their child’s vaccination status upon registration, if this status changes it is the responsibility of Parents to inform the manager. This is in order to prevent the spread of potentially life threatening diseases such as Measles.
  • Medication consent forms can be completed here , you must not assume that we have received this unless you have received confirmation either verbally or by e-mail.
  • If you child has special requirements, please inform us upon registration. In some instances we may ask you to complete a Health care plan giving staff an insight into your child’s condition and what to do in an emergency.
  • Children attending CK with an injury, however small, whether this happens at home or at CK must have this recorded on an accident form.
  • We don’t have access to medication left at school therefore please supply us with whatever you have specified your child may need.

What if my child attends a school run club/activity?

If your child will attend a school run activity club during club hours that's not a problem however we will need to know some inforamtion to ensure a seamless transition. Please notify us using the activity notification form .

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