Managing and rewarding behaviour



Our company recognises the importance of positive and effective management strategies in promoting children’s welfare, learning and enjoyment.


The aims of our Behaviour Management policy are to help children to:


  • Develop a sense of caring and respect for one another.
  • Build caring and co-operative relationships with other children and adults.
  • Develop a range of social skills and help them learn what constitutes acceptable behaviour.
  • Develop confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement.


Managing behaviour

The Club, the Manager and the staff team will manage behaviour according to clear, consistent and positive strategies. Parents/Carers are encouraged to contribute to these strategies, raising any concerns. 


At Creative Kidz we have high expectations of all children and our behaviour policy ensures that no play time is disrupted.

We use the following behaviour management model.


We have a display as shown below which shows children what is expected of them.


Each time a child displays excellent behaviour -Move name pegs up regularly


The rewards are given out at the end of the day as detailed below.


If a child is making bad choices or disrupting learning, they first need to be given a warning and their name peg needs to be moved down to ‘Think about it’. If this behaviour is repeated, their name peg needs to move down again to teacher’s choice and they need to spend a minute in time out/in. If they continue with this behaviour, minutes continue to be added until the behaviour changes. If they incur 10 minutes then parents need to be contacted.


Please ensure that the child’s name peg is moved up as soon as they are showing good behaviours for learning.


Children’s name pegs can be moved straight to parent contact if the practioner deems it necessary.

There are some behaviours that require an automatic phone call to parents and other sanctions.


Please see the levels of behaviour and consequences grids below for more details.


Rewards system

Our reward system gives the children opportunities to be acknowledged for each instance of positive behaviour.


We have devised this system to promote good behaviour and for the children to make a positive contribution to our setting and to the wider community.


Rewards in the form of a pom pom will be issued each time a child fulfils reaches or completes the reward criteria.


Each pom pom is placed in a jar and once the Jar is full the children have the choice of a reward for the whole club to enjoy, this could be a resources, a special activity or an outing.


We ask the children to collectivly collect the pom poms in the Jar because this encourages team working.


Criteria for rewards


  • Being helpful
  • Encouraging others.
  • Sharing.
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Good listening.
  • Show thought and care for others.
  • Good manners.
  • Being polite.
  • Taking turns.
  • Make a fantastic effort.
  • Setting a good example.
  • Create an exceptional piece of work.
  • Being Brave.
  • Offering a great idea.
  • Being responsible.
  • Showing good judgement.


This list is not exhaustive.


Levels of behaviour

Levels of consequence

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